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Safety Switch Installation & Testing

Installing and testing safety switches can help keep you safe. Make sure you have a safety switch to ensure maximum protection against shocks or other hazards.

Power Outlet Installations

Upgrade your space with additional power outlets. Get the most out of your appliances and enjoy added convenience without additional power boards all through your home or office.

LED Lighting Installations

Make a smart investment in your home by switching to LED lighting - save yourself money on your energy bill.

Dimmable Light Switch Installations

Transform your home's lighting with a dimmable switch installation. Create ambience, save energy and make sure you have the perfect amount of light for any occasion - from cozy nights in to special events.


Test & Tagging

Regular testing and tagging of equipment can help identify any potential hazards or flaws, ensuring that your workplace remains safe for everyone.

Smoke Alarm Installation & Testing

Make sure your home is safe with routine smoke alarm installation and testing. Protect yourself, family members, and pets from the risk of deadly fires by making sure all alarms are in proper working order.

Switchboard Installs & Fault Finding

Trying to get your electrical setup up and running? Let the experts handle it - from switchboard installations all the way through to fault diagnosis, you can trust us with any of your business's power supply needs.



Electrical maintenance is essential for your home or office, making sure all electrical equipment is functioning properly. Schedule regular inpsections to ensure your equipment is not malfunctioning or is up to curent Australian standards.

Ceiling Fan Installations

If you're looking for a quality ceiling fan installation, an experienced electrician can help make the process easy and hassle-free ensuring that your space is outfitted with the perfect cooling solution.

LED Area

Flood Lighting

When considering upgrading the lighting in your outdoor space, LED area flood lighting is an excellent choice. Not only do they provide brighter and more energy-efficient illumination, but they also have a longer lifespan than traditional incandescent bulbs.

Shed Power Installations

Installing power in your shed is an important step in making it a functional space. Whether you plan on using the shed for woodworking, gardening, or as a home office, contact RNA Electrical Services for a reliable power connection.

LED High Bay Lighting Upgrades and Installation

If you're looking for an efficient way to illuminate your commercial or industrial space, LED high bay lighting is a great investment. They are known for their long lifespan, low energy consumption, and bright illumination that can replace high pressure sodium or metal halide lamps.

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